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Lumagen Remotes


Basic Remote:  

   Comes standard with VisionDVI, VisionHDP, VisionHDQ and VisionProHDP video processors. Buttons are backlit when pressed. No longer available, replaced with advanced remote.


Advanced Remote

   Comes standard with any Radiance video processor. Buttons are backlit when pressed.


Can be used with VisionDVI,HDP,HDQ,ProHDP units. When VisionXXX processors are updated with 091206 firmware or later  the following advanced remote features are available:

  • 2.35 and NLS input aspect buttons

  • Help button displays list of commands that are not accessible via the onscreen menu but can be accessed by certain button sequences

  • CLR button to immediately clear any onscreen text

  • ALT button for selecting masks

  • Single button press for memories C & D

  • Adds PREV button  to select previous input.

Note that PIP & ZONE buttons only function with Radiance line of video processors (although some other command access using these may be added in the future).


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