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Details of the 111103 update

Auto HD/SD switching on inputs 5 & 6 for the VisionPro- With the 103003 release auto switching for HD/SD sources was introduced and for the Pro only inputs 7&8 could be switched in combination with 3&4, respectively. Now, you can also choose to combine input 5 with 7 or 6 with 8 for auto switching between component SD (would be on 5 or 6) and HD (would be on 7 or 8).

Reselection disable- Normally when a user reselects the current input the Vision/VisionPro will rewrite all the settings even though it's not normally needed. For users with programmable remotes who use them to control their Vision/VisionPro this can be annoying in that it may disturb the video unnecessarily.  Press "menu",0,9,1,9 to disable reselection and then save it to keep it permanently disabled if you prefer.

Bug fixes-
-When "no signal" message was disabled auto switching SD/HD didn't work
-Service menu items work when passthru input is selected
-Under certain circumstances with genlock on and using auto NTSC/PAL output modes could be incorrectly set.


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