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The Lumagen Experience 


"The quality and the feature set of the Radiance product speak for themselves, but the Lumagen team's openness and readiness to listen to customer feedback and suggestions - and implement them quickly via free product updates - is the very definition of great customer service."

Joel, Woburn Sands, England, U.K.
  "I've used other video processors but my Lumagen Radiance XE (upgraded from an XD) does lovely things to any video signal I throw at it, far beyond the performance I've seen elsewhere. Simply put, it performs magic on even the worst image and turns it into jaw-dropping lovliness. Pre- and post-sales support from the Lumagen crew has been outstanding. They take the time to understand your needs or issues; somewhat unlike so many other vendors these days."

Chris, Cedar Brook, NJ, USA


"The Radiance XD is the Swiss Army Knife of video processors. ..."

"In my experience, there is nothing out there that converts SD to HD as well as the Radiance XD. Lumagen's proprietary up-conversion is excellent. As good as the best Gennum VXP and Silicon Optix HQV processors are, the Radiance XD has a clear (pun intended) advantage in the quality of up-conversion. ..."

"The Radiance XD is an amazing product. It will elevate the performance of any video display beyond what is possible with the display's internal controls. The results are amazing for video displays in any and every price range. ...."

Doug Blackburn, Widescreen Review, Issue 139, March/April 2009


"Anyone who owns the Radiance will tell you how amazing it is. It does everything you've heard it does, and then some. It is the most important and most powerful piece of equipment in my setup."

"But even more incredible is the way Lumagen stands behind its product by listening to us owners, with a constant influx of updates and bug fixes. No issue stays unresolved, and new features are added all the time, long into the lifecycle of the product."

Dave - Madison, WI
"The Lumagen RadianceXD is the single most useful piece of A/V equipment I work with. I use it for my own setup, and frequently recommend it to clients. It can correct for virtually all errors in both display and source, and make a inexpensive set behave like a professional display. Lumagen support is unsurpassed. Bugs are promptly addressed, and set-up questions quickly answered."

Carl, New York City, ISF Calibrator


"Lumagen is the gold standard by which all other companies should both aim for and judge their service level."

"As an home theater enthusiast for over 20 years and owner of equipment from many of the highest end manufacturers it is my experience that no company provides the level of support, service, and customer dedication as Lumagen...they are simply THE BEST!"

"And, in terms of performance, it is also my experience and opinion that the Radiance is the best performing and the most valuable piece of video equipment that I have ever owned as it transforms an ordinary image into a spectacular image. A number of my fellow enthusiasts rushed out and bought one after seeing the tremendous improvements it made to my system!"

Joel - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"Lumagen not only produces the best video processors around (the Radiance in particular is a wonder to behold), their customer service and after sales care are second to none. This company is a marvel. If only every company in the AV industry performed to this standard!"

Tony Cardiff, South Wales, UK
  "The Lumagen Radiance is a marvelous piece of equipment. With it's very clean scaling and extensive image calibration tools, it transforms the ho-hum picture on my low spec projector into an extremely compelling image."

Paul, Auckland, New Zealand

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