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The Radiance Pro UltraHD Series
Radiance processing power, SD - UltraHD in and out, 17x17x17 CMS,  DARBEE DVP


  • Remote Control

  • Universal power supply

  • USB cable for updating

  • Manual

  • Limited 1 year warranty

  • Optional 18Ghz input card(s)

  • Optional 18Ghz output card(s)
    18Ghz output card has 1 video+audio and 1 audio out
    versus 2 video+audio outputs of 9Ghz output card

  • Optional rack ears

Radiance Pro Models

4242:   4 inputs, 2 outputs, 1U case
4442:   4 inputs, 4 outputs, 1U case
4444:   6 inputs, 4 outputs, 1U case
4446:   8 inputs, 4 outputs, 1U case
5348: 10 inputs, 3 outputs, 1U case


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  Key Features:                                                                                                
-Up to ten 4k60 UltraHD inputs
-Up to four processed 4k60 UltraHD video outputs at 9Ghz (or two at 18Ghz)
-Inputs and outputs support HDMI 1.x and HDMI 2.0, with HDCP 1.x or HDCP 2.2, at up to 4k60
-9Ghz output pairs are independently programmable for video, audio, or both (4xxx models only)
-18Ghz output pairs have 1 video+audio out and 1 audio only output
-Modular I/O allows upgrading to new HDMI technology as it becomes available
-Proprietary Dynamic Tone Mapping (DTM) for HDR content
-Proprietary Lumagen NoRing™ scaling
-DARBEE Digital Visual Presence (DVP) enhancement technology for up to 2K sources
-Vertical keystone correction
-Picture-In-Picture (PiP) and Picture-Outside-Picture (PoP) (future update for 444x only)
-Supports complete processing of 2D or 3D sources
-10 bit front-end, with 12+ bits in calibration pipeline
-Per-pixel SD/HD video deinterlacing
-4913 point (17x17x17) CMS
-Rec2020 colorspace and HDR supported
-21-point Parametric Grayscale calibration
-Anamorphic screen support for up to 4k sources with and without an anamorphic lens
-Supports complete processing of 2D and 3D sources
-Standard 12V trigger output on 5348, optional dual 12V trigger outputs on 44xx
-Rack mountable 1U case, with optional rack ears
-High reliability external power supply rated at 34 years MTBF by manufacturer
RadiancePro Brochure


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