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Serial Port Updating



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 download  update utility for the Vision)

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(note you also need a serial port adaptor cable from us)








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About the updates:   The most current firmware upgrade for the Vision and VisionPro is revision 020904.. You can check your firmware revision by pressing "menu",0,9,0,3 on your remote. See the change log at the bottom of this page for more info on the changes.

      Starting with release 062903 an upgrade was implemented for the ICP and CUE problems mentioned on Secrets of Home Theater and Hi Fidelity website. CUE (chroma upsampling error) is a problem found with many DVD players but not all so this may not be an issue for you. ICP (interlaced chroma problem) is found with all DVD players and can occasionally be seen on highly saturated (strongly colored) edges.


    The VisionPro upgrade can be done with a PC and a serial cable. For a Vision a special adaptor is required to connect it to a PC. Contact us if you'd like to purchase one or to see about finding a dealer capable of upgrading you or sending in your Vision for the upgrade.



 Running the update: Download the utility that matches the type of video processor you have and unzip it. Connect up your PC and your VisionPro with a DB9-F to DB9-F null-modem serial cable. For the Vision remove the cover and install the serial cable adaptor matching up the pin names on the adaptor to the board. The Vision adaptor cable can be plugged into the serial port of a PC or a serial extension cable with DB9-M to DB9-F. . Insure you have a stable power supply to the VisionPro/Vision as there is a one minute window at the end when the flash is reprogrammed that if the power went out it would then need to be reprogrammed at the factory--don't do it during a lightning storm!.   

    Put the VisionPro/Vision into update mode, press "menu",0,9,3,1 on the remote. On the PC double click (run) the downloaded utility. It will start updating. The PC utility will finish and tell you not to remove power until the unit powers itself down (takes about a minute to rewrite the flash memory). So wait until it shuts off and then you can turn it back on or unplug it and move it as its now ready to go. 

     If for some reason the update utility doesn't work just press ctl-c in the utility window to end it and press "exit" on the remote to leave the update mode. Its ok if you went into update mode and didn't update---it doesn't erase anything until the new upgrade is completely downloaded.

   Note: All the configuration information is retained during the upgrade so you won't have to write down all your current settings or redo anything.



                             Update History

  020904 A couple minor additions and a few bug fixes. Click <here> to see whats new for this release.  
  111103 A couple minor features and a few bug fixes. Click <here> to see whats new for this release.  
  103003 Auto SD/HD input switching and other additions. Click <here> to see whats new for this release.  
  101003 A few minor bug fixes for the VisionPro. Switching between HD passthru & SD video on inputs 7 and 8 was not working. Input and aspect front panel buttons didn't clear the screen in some cases.  
  093003 Input copy message fixed (bug in 092203), couple of service menu items didn't work well when used with no input signal.  
  092203 Genlocking and lots of other improvements added. Click <here> to see whats new.  
  081103 Bug fix for the 080603 release when video zoomed or cropped.  
  080603 Reduced lip-sync delay by one frame. Extended range on output size command.  
  071403 Added service code to leave menus onscreen longer. Press "menu",0,9,0,5 to toggle between fast (the default) and slow. Also the sharpness setting needed an additional patch to insure it was always set to the saved setting.  
  071103 Sharpness setting other than 0 not always used (would be set to 0 instead of 1,2 or 3)  
  070303 Fixed precision problem in chroma filter added in 062903 release  
  062903 Added chroma filter for ICP/CUE fix  
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