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Radiance XD/XE/XE-3D


  HDMI-HDMI Extender Download] 072910
  HDMI-CAT6 Extender Download] 072910
  VisionHDQ Download] 030907
  VisionDVI & VisionHDP Download] 031307
  VisionProHDP [Download] 021706
  VisionPro [Download] 100203
  Vision [Download] 100203

Tech Tips for the Radiance


Tip 1- Independent output calibrations

[Download] (040412)



Tip 2- Gamut calibration--updated for 9x9x9 point setup

[Download] (081413)



Tip 3- Setup with a moveable anamorphic lens

[Download] (032712)



Tip 4- Automatic switching of output resolutions

[Download] (070312)



Tip 5- Using test patterns

[Download] (112013)



Tip 6- Updating the Radiance

[Download] (012016)



Tip 7-Setup with a fixed anamorphic lens

[Download] (011818)



Tip 8-Viewing subtitles on a 2.35 display

[Download] (081012)



Tip 9-Using the IR command input

[Download] (101008)



Tip 10-Video input field flip

[Download] (101008)



Tip 11-Radiance RS-232 control

[Download] (121321)



Tip 12-Radiance IR command interface

[Download] (121813)



Tip 13-Radiance direct commands and menu shortcuts

[Download] (071316)



Tip 14-Radiance 3D setup with DPI projectors

[Download] (041012)



Tip 15-Reporting mode changes from the Radiance to a control system

[Download] (102611)



Tip 16-Setting up 2.35 widescreen without using an anamorphic lens

[Download] (071416)



Tip 17-Using a 2D AVR in a 3D video system

[Download] (101012)



Tip 18-Setup for Single Projector with Dual Screens

[Download] (031113)



Tip 19-Installation Notes

[Download] (091713)



Tip 20-Watching 4:3 content on 16:9 display

[Download] (112613)


Tech Tips for the VisionDVI/HDP/HDQ and ProHDP


Tip 1- Using Memories and Output modes

[Download] (040907)

  Tip 2- Using Independent Output mode [Download] (040907)  
  Tip 3- IR remote code listing [Download] (042007)  
  Tip 4-Setting up with an anamorphic lens [Download] (042007)  
  Tip 5-Adjusting color settings [Download] (061307)  
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